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January 3, 2007
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Alligator + Lion Tessellation by sethness Alligator + Lion Tessellation by sethness
#2 (HB) pencil on 11"x17" (A3) paper. Colorized in Photoshop 7.

This tessellation won first place at last year... my second of three consecutive wins.

People may recognize a thematic similarity to Escher's "reptiles" piece, but please be aware that the two tessellation patterns in my piece are entirely original-- that Escher piece, aside from having a book and some tessellated reptiles, is otherwise completely different.

This sketch was one of my all-time favorite pieces of work. The perspective is slightly wonky, but otherwise I'm very happy with it.
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DeadGhostWolf13 Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
damn this is soooo amazing and awesome!!!!!
i have to do tessellations in my geometry class and it's hard but fun....but mostly stressing kuz we have a very short time limit DX
but my teacher showed us this pic and when i saw it i was like
:iconwowplz: damn this is amazing and so kool!!!~<33333333
sethness Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
Thanks, man. This is the piece I'm *most* proud of. It's gratifying that your teacher-- and you-- agree.

There's a cartoon I did in about 15 minutes that gets 15x more attention. It galls me no end that this piece I sweat and got headaches over gets 1/15th the attention of that quick shot in the dark. It makes me wonder if the inventor of the smiley face bangs his head against his desk in frustration every day.

So...let's see YOUR tessellation, DeadGhostWolf. :-)
DeadGhostWolf13 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
your welcomes ^^
and you should be proud of it!!!
and yes!!!

and really?!?!
i'd like to see that!!!
and i kinda know how you feel kuz i would sometimes make random sketches in school or at home and then show them to friends the next day and most would like the sketch i didn't even like that much
but this masterpiece of yours is a lot more difficult and better than my silly little sketches

and i would love to show them to you!!! but my teacher kept them..... but it wasn't because it was a hard pattern, he liked the way i colored it and what i drew inside. it was just a simple tessellation with a monarch butterfly then a red flower, butterfly, flower, butterfly, flower, etc.
i didn't like that one that much
we also did a group tessellation where the paper was like....4 feet by 6 feet (the 1st one was 16x20 inches)and the group project one i like
kuz the guy who did the pattern didn't knew but realized we can make elephants out of them and make them look like this pic [link]
and the teacher made us put our group tessellation on the ceiling.....
sorry for writing like paragraphs as a reply.....i'll try and make the elephants one again....i just need to find a big piece of paper :nod:
sethness Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
..."most would like the sketch i didn't even like that much
but this masterpiece of yours is a lot more difficult and better than [our] silly little sketches"

This is gonna sound like a surfer dude's voice, but I can't think how else to best say it with real conviction: "I, like, so totally understand how you feel. Just yesterday, a SECOND dA member showed me a photo of the tattoo he'd gotten of my silly little sketch ("putting the win in Darwin").

I'll bet you're also as bothered by empty praise as I when you know you flubbed, but people still saying glowing things about your work. It's moments like that when you wish you could submit work anonymously for honest critique.

Even for things as simple as personal hygiene, the most valued friend is the one who says "you stink. Go home and take a shower during lunch hour", not the one who politely grins, secretly plugs his nose, and politely says nothing.

Wtf (what the freelance) was your teacher doing, hanging onto your art? Through the wonder of color xerox or good ol' digital photography, he/she can make his/her own flippin' copy. It's YOUR art. The original belongs to YOU.

On another subject,
If you get a digital copy of your tessellation to me, after you put it on dA I'd enjoy putting it in the guest gallery on (my website) if you like.

I would reeeeally like to see that big tessellation you mentioned. Is it a morph-- starts in one corner as one thing, and slowly changes to another pattern, then another, and so on?
DeadGhostWolf13 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
aghh sorry i didn't finish my reply...i accidentally pressed send on the other one....
i know this one person who like...seemed nice and i would talk to her but then one day i said something to her that could have sounded mean but i really wasn't trying to be and they took it the wrong way and like wouldn't comment my stuff even though she watched me and she would only comment if like.....i would say/comment her
but then i got tired and stop trying to be a friend to her and just took her off my friends list
i gave her more than enough chances to be friends again but she didn't seem to like me at all and i was able to see it but i was still trying to be a friend to be the better person
eventually one day i was just like...."you know what....f*ck you!!! im tired of your BS!!!!" (i didn't actually tell her kuz some of her "friends" are kinda like my friends but they known her longer and would trust her more than me.....and those people are really nice....i just don't understand how blind they are
kuz that girl acts like she's a true artist but........i can tell she copies and changes it a little just to look a bit different.....
to me it's ONLY okay to copy if 1 your really young and don't know anything about art
and 2 if you ask/give credit to the original/owner

oh and about my tessellations....
i know it sounds pretty unfair for my math teacher to keep my tessellations/art at the time i didn't care because they didn't look that good to me and i was the only person in that class who got an A and on my last project, i didn't do so well so i just didn't say anything because that teacher scared my and i didn't want to lose my A....

man i know i should have taken a pic of it >.<
but i didn't knew the teacher was gonna keep them....
and the big/group tessellation is just one pattern with 2 different designs on it
one with an elephant holding the others tail and the other was just a cloud XD
sethness Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
I hear ya, man.

Too, too many times I've given away or sold a work of art, and found later that I didn't have a high resolution copy of it.

Always, always do a scan of your work, in the highest resolution you can.
DeadGhostWolf13 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
hahahaha thanks for the advice ^^
DeadGhostWolf13 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
hahaha XD

but that's kool though!!!!!
like even if it was just a small/fast sketch to you and might not have had as much meaning as other drawings, but it's nice/good to hear that people really love and like your art!!!!
i mean getting a tattoo of it must mean they really like your design and/or had a meaning to them so they wanted to put it on their body

but yeah i i would be kinda happy seeing them happy or liking my art but yeah i do wonder if they like....actually like it or are just saying it to be nice
i can tell sometimes when people are just trying to be nice on either what they say, do and look(if im showing it to them in person)

but yeah i know some people in here who are likie that....just saying "it looks nice/cute" to be nice
i think one of the worst people i see here on DA are the ones who would only say something nice to you but ONLY because you would say/do things for them
and also the one who are only pretending to be nice because they don't want to look bad in front of other people
i know someone
vikingsoprano Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
The top lion looks a little too completed for the lion "progression". Perspective seems shifted - foreground and background almost look reversed since book fades towards top but top alligator is bigger than bottom. Tilted vs. flat?

Let me know if I'm confusing - I know what I mean but often have trouble communicating to others. Love the idea. Fantastic control of alligator morphology.
sethness Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Your comments are welcome, and right: I *did* make mistaks in the perspective.
I'm particularly bothered by the tilt of the book, and the presence of a too-large alligator at the top.

I wish all commenters were this perceptive and willing to talk about a piece's flaws. We don't improve anything but our egos, if all we hear is compliments.
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