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Rabid Control by sethness Rabid Control by sethness
Thailand is proposing that, to ensure that Rabies does not return to Phuket (which has been Rabies-free since 1993), all pets arriving in Phuket must have a "passport" certifying that they have received a Rabies vaccination within the past 21 days, and the pets must also be "chipped" (implanted with radio-frequency ID chips).

Fine, fine, go for the documentation and vaccination... but why the RFID chips?

To spoof the concept, a Phuket newspaper had me create an editorial cartoon showing foreign pets doing a rabies visa-run and getting their rabies passports checked. The assignment was "make this look as silly as you can."

Calling it "rabid control" was my idea. :D

Like all my illustrations, the newspaper bought one-time publication rights with regional exclusivity during the next 6 months.

The price was, as always, 2,000 Thai baht (roughly US$70) per illustration, which would be a bit lame if I were living in New York or Tokyo, but affords me a decent living in cheaper locales.
Art-vs-Slavery Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008
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Exzentrizitat Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
:rofl: You've done an excellent job creating a convincing mockery of the subject! Depicting the officials appointed for and performing this task as well,lively uniforms/suits is really effective.I especially love how their eyes are covered by their hats,concealing any emotion making them appear even more as drones or just a bit sociopathic (ouch,sorry that was a really harsh attack wasn't it!).
Anyway...The dogs & cats also posess adorably sad expressions."Rabid Control" is the ideal title,plus it could serve as a sufficient descripton for the nature of many government practices/systems.

:XD: Before i say too much...excellent work,well drawn & good cross-hatching!
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March 19, 2008
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