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February 18, 2008
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Illustration for an article about whether it's really "cheating on one's spouse" to go around with bargirls, or if it's actually "being true to one's genetic makeup". The central idea of the article is that in almost all societies, both men and women "cheat" on their spouse, and the behavior must therefore be hard-coded into our genetics by Darwinian forces.

The editor suggested the general theme of the cartoon, and to make it light-hearted. It was my idea to put the guy nekked and on the stage.

The line art was done first in light pencil on paper, then darkened with pen and erased.

After scanning, the whole drawing is lightened (+9) and the contrast heightened (+40).

Then, the line art is "selected" using the "magic wand" selection tool in Photoshop, set for "110, not just continuous color, this layer only". The black line art was then darkened (Image > adjust > brightness and contrast), and put on a layer of its own, and a white backdrop placed between it and the original black and white drawing. Then an empty "color" layer was placed under the Line Art and above the white backdrop. Then, using various tools like select, paintbrush, gradient, burn-and-dodge, and paintbucket, I filled in the colors and shaded'em.
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