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Submitted on
November 19, 2008
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Tessellation: Progressive Hope by sethness Tessellation: Progressive Hope by sethness
This tessellation is a sort of commemoration of US President Elect Obama's election.

To me, it signifies hope & change rising above a too-simple black-and-white view of the world (racism or the "Bush Doctrine" paranoid madness)

The sepia/orange tones are meant to imply the reddish-orange light at sunrise.

See more of these at my website,
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Very clean and elegant! A departure from your cartoonier stuff. I like your cartoons. But I also like seeing you experiment.

The reason this one looks so clean and regular is that although it was still done in Photoshop rather than Illustrator (which I *must* make time to learn!), is was using Photoshop's "pen tool" which creates vector-based graphics.

The pen tool is so unlike any of the other Photoshop tools. It's a toughie to master.

You can see how frustrated I am, with my own style. Remember that poll I did about "cartoony style" and whether it's appropriate for Escher-style art.

I'd like to experiment with some sculpture soon. Some bas-relief tessellation art would be fun, and wouldn't let me rely on an editorial-cartoon style.
I had a hard time answering the poll. I love cartoons. Some of my favorites are very loose styles, for example Gary Hart's Wizard of Id and B.C. For political cartoons, my favorite is Jeff MacNelly (a.k.a. Shoe [link] .

On the other hand, one of the things I love about Escher is his almost superhuman draftsmanship. His amazingly skillful drawings are very pleasing to look at.

I enjoy cartoon renditions of tessellations, impossible figures etc. But I enjoy Escher's super realism even more.
Hey, those two are separate, as far as I can tell. The poll wasn't aimed at "which do you like, cartoons or draftsmanship?" but rather "is a cartoony style OK, or is highly accurate draftsmanship the alpha and omega of tessellations?"

The general feeling I got from the poll is that cartoony is somewhat OK, but sloppy, whereas the best tessellation art is 'draftsmanlike math + art = tessellation'.
Was it possible to click more than one option on that poll?
Nopers, I don't think so. I didn't see any option to do that.
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